Beauty Department Precision Sponge in green. In packaging with green vine in the background.

I wasn’t planning on sharing this but I want to take five minutes to give a great big hello to the Beauty Department’s Precision Sponge. I picked one up from the lovely folks at the Tonic Room in Kingsland on Saturday, and after trying it I just had to share. This may have revolutionised my beauty routine. A more eco and allergy friendly option compared to your regular latex sponge, this tool has enabled me to get my foundation and concealer on smoothly and perfectly in two minutes flat. As someone who is often between shades, and who needs an extra light colour to cover up my dark under-eye circles, this is no small feat.

I purchased mine for $19.50 from the Tonic Room, and have seen them on a few other websites around this price. The beauty department precision sponge is far cheaper than the comparable beauty blender which retails for around $32, and I think it does an excellent job.

Beauty Department Precision Sponge in green. Out of packaging held in hand with herbal pot plant background in terracotta pot.

The sponge has two tapered tips, which make it easy to get into hard to reach areas like around the eyes and nose. This design also makes it ideal for contouring, as your contours can be applied precisely with the tips, and then buffed out to blend seamlessly with the smaller, rounder side. The design also makes it really easy to hold comfortably, yet firmly, so you can ensure precise application and blending.

I dampened the sponge slightly and used the larger tip to apply both my foundation and a lighter shade under my eyes. It applied beautifully, and wasted a lot less product than your usual latex sponge. I then used the smaller end to gently blend the two shades of foundation which worked excellently. Finally, I even tried using the larger tip to apply my Zao powdered eyeshadow. This worked surprisingly well on the brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes with very little fall out or wasted product. I also used it to blend out some bronzer powder which I had applied a little over-zealously, and it worked perfectly as well.

Beauty Department Precision Sponge in green. In packaging with herbal pot plant background in terracotta pot.

It’s easy to clean too- with just a quick rinse and squeeze in warm soapy water necessary to get it back to its pristine green glory. It does swell a little as you wash it, so you just need to allow it to air dry for a while after washing. It can also be stored back in its original resealable pouch to keep it fresh and clean for the next use- yay for hygiene!

The sponge feels amazing on the skin and in the hands, and is generally just a delight to use. Overall I can see this amazing precision sponge becoming a regular part of my daily beauty routine. It really just does everything!

Beauty Department Precision Sponge in green. Out of packaging lying on white marble bench.

Buy in store from Tonic Room, 465 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland or from their website for $19.50 NZD. Also available online from the Beauty Department $14.95 AUD.


Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself and receive no financial benefits from its promotion. All opinions expressed are my own.