IHH Bite beauty Watercolor lipgloss library / Aquarelle bibliotheque de brillants a levres. Watercolour packaging

Hello beauties, it seems like eons since I last posted, so I must apologise! I’ve just started Medical School, and it’s as intense as you would expect, so I haven’t had much down time to blog. I’ll try to find some time to write about that exciting topic later, for now I wanted to share my review of this gorgeous Bite Beauty Watercolour Lip Gloss Library that I’ve been hanging onto for months. I finally decided to just do it because I realised if I left it much longer I wouldn’t have any of my favourite gloss (Eight) to show you guys!


I have been keeping an eye on Bite Beauty for a while now, as I’ve heard so many rave reviews about their products, that don’t have all the nasties, but still have great colour payoff and high pigmentation. Though I’ve managed to find some great natural brands with good pigmentation, I’ve found that most seem to have a somewhat limited colour selection- specifically, there don’t seem to be a lot of bright and very dark colours, which I really love. Naturally, getting a library like this was a great way to sample some awesome colours, so I bought mine of Amazon for the princely sum of US$29.47, which worked out to be US$46.23 when I ordered back in December. Since then Sephora has launched in New Zealand, and lucky for you they also stock some of the gorgeous Bite Beauty range.

We all know that you’re here for the colours so let’s take a look at the shades first:

{TLDR? Scroll to the “Overall” section below}


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "One" banana lemon pale yellow

Imaginatively named, Bite Beauty One is a gorgeous pale banana yellow colour in the tube. As you can see, it goes on as a much more wearable tint, as compared to some of its more pigmented sisters in the library. You can build this colour up to be quite bold, but it will take a few swipes. In the picture I’m just wearing just one swipe of product, as my lips are a bit creasy, and I found the colour did end up sitting in the creases a little when I added more on. If you have naturally pretty smooth lips though you can definitely build it up, or if you’re just wanting a crazy colour for a bit of fun.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Two"- pink mauve

Two is a gorgeous pale pink colour with a hint of mauve. It’s actually much more pink than it looks in the picture, for some reason it looks a lot more mauve than it did in person. The colour pay off for this one is quite high, so a little goes a long way. I’m just wearing one swipe of product, and found that it was quite pigmented. This colour is really gorgeous and quite wearable, so for an everyday look I’d use even less product for a nice hint of colour.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Three" dusky pink

Three is a lovely dusky pink-mauve colour, which is a little darker than Two. It’s also fairly pigmented, so I’m only wearing one swipe of product for both lips. Bite Beauty hit the nail on the head with this lovely colour.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Four" pale icy mauve purpleIHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Four" pale icy mauve purple layered thick

Four is a true icy mauve colour, with high colour payoff. I used just one swipe in the first picture, but it’s easily built up to achieve a more bold, pigmented look. This wouldn’t be an everyday colour for me, because I feel like it makes me look cyanotic with just the one sweep, but it would make a great party colour built up like in the “Four +” image.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Five" pale ice icy mint green blue

Five is a fun mint colour which also looks super cute in the bottle. Those of you who know me well know I’m obsessed with the colour mint, so let’s be totally honest, this was a compelling factor in my decision to purchase this Library. Alas, I found it has the same cyanotic effect as Four, and it took a few extra swipes of product to even get it to the level in this image. Unfortunately I found it also has the same problem as One when trying to build up. Rather than spreading pigment evenly across my lips, it inevitably gets stuck in the creases, so looks very uneven when a lot of product is applied. You’d definitely need to source yourself a matching lipstick if you were planning to rock this as a bold party colour. On the other hand, if you like to rock the White Walker-chic style then this is the gloss for you!


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Six" pale pink with coral undertones IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Six" pale pink with coral undertones extra layer for pigmentation

Bite Beauty Six is a stunning pale coral-pink colour. I haven’t worn it out and about that much, but after trying it again today that’s going to be changing. It is so gorgeous and girly, but I like that it has a slight coral undertone which works really well for my olive skin colour. The pigmentation is great for this one, but you can also definitely add extra product (as above) if you want to go for a real candy floss bright look.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Seven"bright, vibrant fire engine red IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Seven"bright, vibrant fire engine red with extra coat for pigmentation

Seven is a fun, super-bright fire engine red colour. It reminds me of the very first lip gloss I ever bought as a tween (a crappy $2 shop “bargain” I believe!) which I thought was very grown up. Anytime my Dad caught me wearing it he’d tell me to take it off because I looked like I’d been kissing a fire truck. He wasn’t wrong. It left an awful stain around my lips and was god-awfully sticky. Thankfully, this Bite Beauty rendition is much more becoming on me, and I absolutely love it. In the first picture I’m only wearing one swipe for both lips, so you can see that it’s pretty pigmented. It also builds up really nicely, so with only two extra sweeps (as above) you can get great coverage and almost do away with a lipstick underneath.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Eight" orange pink coral

This gorgeous coral shade is my absolute favourite lip gloss ever. When my Library arrived I swore not to use the colours before taking photos for you guys, but inevitably this baby has been in my bag almost every day since. Coral is one of my favourite colours, second only to mint, and is thankfully much more wearable! I find it looks gorgeous with my olive skin tone, and it has the perfect pigmentation: gloss ratio for me. It’s a nice pop of colour, but doesn’t look overdone, and just one swipe (as in the picture) is enough to get the job done. I literally have maybe three wears left in the bottle (I even had to swirl the wand around to take a picture so there wouldn’t be gaps of colour!) and I was pretty sad to waste it just for the photo. It really is a stunning colour, and I’m definitely going to be hunting to find a close replica… or else I might just have to buy the whole palette again!


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Nine" warm aubergine purple

Bite Beauty’s number Nine is an aubergine purple colour with pretty good colour payoff. It’s still looks like a gloss, which I quite like, but you can definitely build it up for a bit of extra colour. I love aubergine colours but don’t find them very wearable on a day-to-day basis so I’ve only worn this out a few times. However, it would look absolutely stunning layered over an aubergine lipstick to really make the colour pop!


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Ten" hot coral pink

Ten is like the next progression from Six and Eight- it’s a kind of hot pink with some coral undertones. As I’ve mentioned, I’m a total sucker for coral colours, so absolutely love this one too, though I think it would look even better overtop of a lipstick to go really nice and bold with this colour. Again, this is one of the more pigmented colours so I only needed a single swipe to get good coverage. You could build it up as well to make it more opaque.


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Eleven" dark hot pink purple fuschia

Eleven is one hot fuschia pink colour and I love it. This colour looks gorgeous in the bottle, and great on the lips too. I don’t typically wear a lot of hot pinks but this is a really flattering shade. It’s super pigmented so again, a little goes a long way. You can build it up for a more opaque look, but I would really love this over a matching lipstick to go all out as it’s such a great, bright and fun colour. I can see me wearing this with a bright lime green or electric yellow ensemble for a fun summer party…. because I totally go to those things. When I’m not studying. :/


IHH Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library in Shade "Twelve" deep plum purple

Finally, twelve is a gorgeous deep plum colour with lovely warm undertones. Unfortunately, as gorgeous as it looks in the bottle this colour is not nearly as pigmented as I had expected. I used maybe three or four swipes of product to get it to the level in the picture, and one sweep would not even cover both lips. If you like to rock a lot of dark colours it might work for you, but for me I think this would be reserved for layering overtop of a dark lipstick, as I think the colour looks kind of weird sheer.


IHH Bite beauty Watercolor lipgloss library / Aquarelle bibliotheque de brillants a levres. Watercolour packaging

The packaging for this “Library” is really gorgeous- the card is textured to look like canvas or thick art stock paper, in keeping with the watercolour theme. It’s covered in water coloured lips in the same colours as the lip glosses inside. It’s just a simple card sleeve over top of a black card tray containing the glosses, so it’s easy to slide out without any hassle if you’re wanting to grab your gloss of choice on the go. The glosses themselves are mini sized which I love, because I would never use a whole tube of lip gloss (except Eight… so now I might have to rethink that). They’re 1.40g, and for comparison, Eight has lasted me about two months of regular wear. They are simple round clear tubes with black matte lids in-keeping with Bite Beauty’s minimalist style. They look cute, but like any matte plastic I do find the lids pick up a little dust when tossed in my bag (though not really an issue unless like me you plan on photographing them after the fact!). The Bite logo is nice and simple on the lid, with the colour and details labelled on the bottom.


The glosses have a simple doe-foot applicator which I find seems to pick up just the right amount of product for me. Most of the shades only needed one swipe to give a nice sheer wash of colour over my lips, but it was easy to pick up more if I wanted more opacity. Like any gloss they are a tad sticky, but as far as glosses go I think they’re about right. With just one coat they don’t feel sticky once the gloss is on, and they’re very comfortable for daily wear. Just as with all glosses, the only thing to watch is wind with loose hair. When I’ve applied a few coats for a more bold look I’ve found that pursing and un-pursing my lips a few time helped with colour distribution and to help mitigate a bit of the stickiness. Overall, application was really nice and easy, with just a few of the shades mentioned above being a bit tricky for good pigment distribution.


While I haven’t tried wearing all of the glosses for extended periods, I found that wearing Eight a lot I did have to reapply quite a few times during the day, but no more than I would expect of any other gloss. I tend to drink a lot of water and eat pretty frequently, so generally speaking I tend to be pretty rough on any lip products, but I think the gloss still performed well. I think with the darker colours you should expect to reapply more frequently, so I would definitely be carrying the gloss in my purse if I was wearing it out, but equally, most of the colours look lovely being very sheer also, so I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker.


I think the price point for these products is pretty much spot on. Excluding shipping (which I paid an arm and a leg for because I’m impatient), they worked out to be less than $4 per tube which I think is an absolute steal given how long they last. Granted, there are a few fun shades in there that probably won’t get a lot of wear, but I think it’s still a great and economical way to try out some different colours and get a little out of your usual comfort zone, without having to drop $30 on just one colour.



Bite Beauty isn’t 100% natural, so if you’re a die-hard natural-only person (more power to you!) then these are probably not the product for you. However, for anyone who is just interested in making better and more natural choices without sacrificing colour, texture, staying power and wearability of conventional makeup then these are a stellar choice. The palette wasn’t available on the Think Dirty database, but I had a look at Bite Beauty’s other glosses for a rough idea. Their lip lacquer scores a perfect zero with 90% of the ingredients indexed.

Reading the ingredients list on the packet of the Library it’s worth noting that certified organic beeswax does feature (and Carmine in a few of the shades), so sadly these are not a product for my vegan friends out there (but I promise I will find some!). I can’t spot anything that stands out as a problem for me, with mostly vegetable and seed waxes and oils listed. All of the ingredients except for the dyes are natural, and many are certified organic, as well as the whole lot being certified gluten free.


Overall, I think this palette is amazing. I would definitely wear 8/12 of these glosses on their own, and the remainder I think would like great with a complementary lipstick underneath. The yellow and mint, while not very wearable day-to day are so sheer that they could easily be paired with just about any lipstick to give a little gloss or hint of colour, so even if you don’t wear them on their own they’re not a total waste. Even if a few of the colours look a bit garish or adventurous, I have come to love most of them and am looking forward to wearing them out and about and mixing up my colour palette.

I’m absolutely impressed with the quality of the glosses and found them to be very comfortable on my lips, and to wear just as well as a conventional brand (though not as sticky as my $2 Fire-Truck gloss!). To be honest, if I had come across these glosses without knowing about the Bite Beauty brand or their ingredients, I would definitely have not expected these to be natural. For 90% natural they deliver a lot of punch, and at less than $4 per shade I think they’re an absolute steal. Though you have to buy the Library online I would absolutely recommend doing so- they’re lots of fun, and well worth it!

IHH I Heat Healthy Kera O'Regan wearing Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss in Two. Blowing kiss.

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed making it. I can foresee this becoming the beginning of an addiction, and I’m super excited to check out what else Bite Beauty have to offer.

Have you tried Bite Beauty products before? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram if you have any recommendations or particular products you’d like me to try!

Till next time beauties,

xo K