Tangelo, Carrot, Green Apple, Maca Breakfast Juice by OmBlogWe have a lovely tangelo tree which has been producing more juicy and delicious tangelos than we can keep up with! So What better solution than to make yummy tangelo juice?

I also wanted something energetic to help get me on a good morning buzz so decided to add a little Maca root powder to my juice which was an amazing addition!

Organic fresh tangelos ready to be juiced for Tangelo, Carrot, Green Apple, Maca Breakfast Juice by OmBlog

Tangelos fresh from the tree!

So I decided to also use up a few other yummy bits and bobs to give me the perfect breakfast juice!


for four large glasses

5 Tangelos

2 Green Apples

2 Carrots

1 Tablespoon Maca Root Powder (or as much as you can handle if you like the flavour!)



Juice it all up and stir in the Maca powder at the end!

PS. Juice all the tangelos first so you can save their yummy pulp for some pulp baking! I froze mine, so I will share a pulp recipe with you when I figure out what to do with it!