Easy Peasy Paleocakes!

Easy Peasy Paleocakes!

So there have been loads of recipes going around based on the fried banana and egg “pancake” that has become a popular paleo treat. There seem to be a lot of varieties, of varying complexity, but as a New Zealander I found that many of the ingredients used to make this treat more “pancakey” were hard to come across in our supermarkets and even specialty health food stores, and of course they were really expensive.

As someone who is living on a VERY tight budget at the moment I thought others might appreciate a super simple base- recipe with much simpler and easier ingredients, so here goes:


Kera’s Easy Peasy Paleocakes


-1 banana per serve (fair trade options are available in most supermarkets now!)

-1 whole egg per serve (free range tastes SO much better, trust me in this recipe it makes a difference)

-1/2 Tablespoon almond meal per serve

-Runny honey OR Natural Maple Syrup to taste

*1/2 Tablespoon LSA per serve (*optional* for a little extra punch and a slightly denser pancake)

-Coconut oil (or other fat) to fry


As you can see, it’s a pretty simple recipe ingredients wise, however it’s the mixing and the cooking that does have some tricky parts.


Bananas and eggs in a food processor for paleo pancakes mix

Bananas and eggs

1. Break bananas into a food processor and add in the whole eggs. Blend these two together first until the texture is completely even

New Zealand Arataki Honey being poured into a paleo pancake mix

Add honey to the mix

2. Add honey (or maple syrup) in and blend again. I used about one tablespoon per serve of the honey just to give a very slight sweetness, but you can use quite a bit more if you like your pancakes to be sweet themselves (rather than just covered in sweet toppings). If you use maple syrup it depends on the brand I find as some are a lot sweeter- start off with a little less than the honey version, as you can always add more once you’ve made and sampled your first test pancake.

One Tablespoon of almond meal about to be mixed into paleo pancake mix

Add almond meal

3. Add in almond meal and blend until smooth.

*NOTE: You CAN do all of this by hand, but I find using a blender gives a much smoother consistency which is far easier to work with.

*PPS: I will be posting on how to make almond meal and almond milk soon, just in case you can’t find it in the supermarket!

4. Heat pan to medium high and let the mix rest a little.

Paleo pancake batter frying in pan with coconut oil

Pour a small amount of your batter into the hot coconut oil

5. Heat a small (half a teaspoon) knob of your coconut oil and as soon as it melts, pour in about a two tablespoon size portion of your mix. Use the back of a spoon to even it out (or to make it into a perfect circle if you’re compulsive about that like me!), but make sure to leave it thick (about 5-7mm to be precise!). It needs to be thick or else it will tear when you try to flip it, as there is no sticky gluten holding it together like in regular pancakes.

Flipped paleo pancakes


6. Use the edge of a sharp fish slice (thick ones will just mangle the pancake) to peek underneath. Once it is a nice golden brown you will want to leave it a little longer before you “flip it.” Note that it will still be very wet on top- that’s okay!

Now here is the real art to these perfect paleocakes: they do not “flip” like normal pancakes. You will not be able to impress your brunch friends with your pan skills. It will fail. Miserably. Instead you will have to impress them with your healthy delicious, non-mangled finished product so listen up:

-Use your fish slice to loosen up the pancake from the pan on all sides, and be careful to make sure the centre is freed also.

-Gently slide it under on one side as far as it will go without scrunching the pancake

-Carefully turn it onto it’s other side. You won’t be likely to get the whole pancake onto your fish slice so it will be a very slow task for the time being.

-If it scrunches or folds onto itself, don’t worry, these pancakes are very forgiving. Just straighten them out and they will be fine.

-Keep practicing! The last one of the batch will inevitably be the only perfect looking one but damn do they taste good!

Paleo pancakes with berries and honey


7. Serve and devour!

Add some yummy berries. I only had frozen ones so defrosted them and the juice went brilliantly with a swirl of honey to make these nice and sweet!



Bon appétit!