Perfect Brows- The products

Lily Lolo Brow Duo and Brush with caption

Anyone that knows me well knows how much I love a good brow! I love me some fierce gradient brows à la Kim K. but on an everyday basis I just love a basic, strong, well-arched brow. I’ve been using just a brown eyeshadow for the last three years or so, with fairly good success. However, as a very active person I’ve noticed with a bit of sweat or being outside in the heat, part way through the day I am often missing a patch! On top of that, my eyebrows have a few patches of weird skin, where the eyeshadow doesn’t stick very well, leaving my brows with a patchy look.

I’ve been tossing up over whether I should try Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade for a few months, but have decided I just can’t justify this given the chemicals involved. For this reason I decided to go on the hunt for some eyebrow products that fit the natural bill as well as ensure that my brows stay on beautifully all day!

I have been hanging out to try Lily Lolo for quite some time, after reading a number of recommendations of their products online. Lily Lolo is a British brand specialising in mineral makeup of excellent quality, without a hefty price tag. Their products are natural and free of parabens and other harsh chemicals, and 95% of them are vegan. Sounds like what I’m all about!

Brow Duo

Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo Solo with caption


The Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo comes in a cute black and white mirrored compact. It’s a little larger than a regular eyeshadow case, with half wax and half brow powder. The products are fragrance free, and contain all natural ingredients- making them a better-for-you option than many brow products, but also great for those who suffer allergies to artificial fragrances.

I purchased the “Medium” shade, which is the perfect match for my brows. The powder is a good texture, and seems to stick well onto my brows. However, I prefer to swipe on a tiny bit of wax before as well as after applying the powder, to give a more sculpted look. This may not be necessary for those who are after a fairly natural fill-in job for everyday wear- I’m just obsessive about my brows. The wax is a really nice consistency, and I find it’s actually very easy to apply just with my finger.

The eyebrow duo costs £7.99 from the Lily Lolo website, which makes it around NZD $18. Having been using the product for about a week now on a daily basis, I think this is pretty great pricing given the quality of the product. It stays on all day, and the wax keeps hairs beautifully in place even when I have a busy day running around and sweating. I think I would struggle to find a conventional product that achieves these results in the same price range, let alone one made with all natural products. This is definitely going to remain a staple in my makeup routine!


Angled Brow – Spoolie Brush

Lily Lolo Angled Eyebrow- Spoolie Brush with Caption

Due to there not being sufficient zoom on the Lily Lolo website, I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was ordering with this brush. However, I needed a spoolie, and desperately needed an angle brush for my eyebrows. (Yes I will confess that after losing my angle brush I’ve been using a tiny lip brush to do this job for far too long!). The brush is listed as “Angled Eyebrow – Spoolie Brush“, so I was kind of hoping that it would turn out to have a regular, fine angled brush at the one end. I find angled brushes great for defining eyebrows, helping to get the tail flick just perfect. However, I was more than a little disappointed when the brush arrived. It is angled, but it is thicker than I expected, and the brush is more rigid rather than a nice soft angle brush that I was expecting.

That said, this brush does an exceptional job with the powder and wax duo- so it’s definitely worth purchasing if you’re intending to use that product. At £6.49 (approx NZD $15) it’s worth it for a good brow. The bristles, while being firmer than what I expected, are perfect for picking up the right amount of powder. I would have forever been scrubbing to attempt to pick up the powder if I’d used a softer brush.

The spoolie end is also perfect for brows no matter what product you’re going for. It’s a distinctly brow spoolie, rather than being designed for mascara, so the pointy end is excellent for the fine end of your brows. The bristles are also well spaced to ensure that once you’ve applied the wax, your eyebrow hairs are even and spaced nicely- no patchiness to see here!

Overall, this brush is a good brow brush, but it’s particularly good if you’re also using the Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo, or I would expect also for other firmer powders.

Perfect Brows – The Method

Lily Lolo Eyebrows

Good brows don’t need to take forever- here’s an example of what I managed to whip up in literally less than two minutes. I was in a bit of a rush trying to get all done up, so I was very pleased with the ease of application of Lily Lolo’s brow duo! My routine is a little different to the one suggested by Lily Lolo, so here’s the way I achieve them…


  1. Swipe the tiniest amount of wax onto your finger and gently wipe over your brows.
  2. Use the spoolie end of the brush to comb your brows into shape. Generally you want to brush in an upwards direction at the front, and then progressively more sideways towards the tail, following the direction of your natural hair growth.
  3. Take a fairly full brush of the brow powder and apply to the midsection of your brow, following the direction of natural hair growth, but also filling in any patches.
  4. Drag the product along the tail of the brow to a fine point.
  5. Using the remainder of the powder left on your brush, fill in the front portion of the brow, with progressively less and less as you reach the inner end. You may need to pick up a little extra powder to fill in any gaps, but do so sparingly.
  6. Swipe more wax onto your brows with a finger.
  7. Use the spoolie to comb the brows into shape finally as per step 2.
  8. Done!