Completed healthy  chocolates in their casings

Close up- Nom!

This chocolate is the real deal. I am a chocoholic. And it has also been approved by a bunch of the biggest chocoholics I know. It tastes like chocolate.

I adapted this from the Easy Peasy Paleo Chocolate recipe to make it a bit more authentic chocolate flavoured and a little less “healthy” tasting. It tastes like the real deal. And you can eat it all you want. I am not even kidding, you should have seen me today I was literally BOUNCING around the house and trying to force tasters on everyone who happened to be in the vicinity (mainly my brother- he’s a bit over it now- sorry bro). It is actually that good.

So without further ado here is the recipe for you all to enjoy and indulge! If you’ve already checked out the Easy Peasy Paleo recipe then it is exactly the same method- just some different ingredients, and at the end I will show you some different options for flavours and even for doing fillings! (The BEST are my Dulce Vitas which will be coming up tomorrow to keep you up with a weekend of chocolating!)

Ingredients for the choc and a variation of my favourite fillings

Ingredients for the choc and a variation of my favourite fillings


-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil

-2 tablespoons Almond Butter

-3 tablespoons Cocoa or Cacao

-1 1/2 teaspoons honey (*OR half and half honey and maple syrup *OR all natural maple syrup to make this fully vegan)

-1 teaspoon vanilla


-Hazelnuts or Macadamia Nuts



-Peanuts (for peanut butter flavoured chunks, check out the Easy Peasy Paleo Recipe– it tastes like Reese’s peanut butter cups)

-Dried apricots



-Honey comb

-Dulce de Leche (check out my Dulce Vitas coming up tomorrow to see how this works)

-Any combination of the above or pretty much any other filling you can imagine- there are endless opportunities


1. Bring some water to a boil in a small pot on the stove (or you can cheat and boil it in the jug, the point is you have boiled [not boiling] water in a pot

Double boiler for making healthy paleo chocolate: Place the bowl on top of the freshly boiled water

Place the bowl on top of the freshly boiled water

2. Make a double boiler with a metal or glass bowl overtop, ensure the element is off and you don’t let the bottom of the bowl actually touch the water

Coconut oil; peanut butter; honey; cocoa and vanilla in heated metal bowl to make healthy paleo chocolate

All the ingredients in the bowl

3. Add in all the ingredients, starting with the coconut oil, then the peanut butter, honey, vanilla and finally the Cocoa for the best texture

Melt and mix evenly

Melt and mix evenly

4. Mix gently with a spatula until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended, if there are small chunks (likely of the coconut oil) not yet melted when everything else is then take the bowl off the pot and put on a cold surface. Keep stirring off the heat and the warmth of the mix will melt out the rest

Prepare the cases

Prepare the cases

5. Prepare your mould- if you want a block, I use a plastic container lid lined with baking paper, otherwise mini muffin cases work perfectly for individual chocolates

Adding crushed hazelnut fillings to melted healthy paleo chocolate

Add any fillings

Mix the fillings in thoroughly

Mix the fillings in thoroughly

Spoon healthy paleo chocolate mix into cases

Spoon into cases

6. Add in any flavourings and then pour into your moulds

Spoon healthy paleo chocolate mix into cases


7. Freeze

Completed healthy paleo chocolates in their casings

The finished product

8. Eat!


Don’t forget that these need to be kept cold so make sure you leave them in the freezer or at least the fridge if you are storing them!