Thank you to the lovely Dimple from Shivaay Delights who nominated me for the WordPress Family Award!

I absolutely love my online family and definitely have felt the positive effects of having such a beautiful online community. Your comments and positive words of encouragement have helped me so much to persevere with OmBlog and make all the hours of photo editing; recipe “creating” (read: making a mess in the kitchen in the hopes that something edible will come out of it!); and writing all worth it!

I am nominating:

Fancy from SeeFancyLove who never fails to post inspirational and motivating quotes.

Ada from More Food, Please who posts the most delicious recipes and is always sharing the love with encouraging comments.

Kelli from Sassy and Paleoish who never fails to post yummy Paleo recipes and great info.

If you wish to participate then please link back to the original awarding person; nominate up to 10 people and inform them you are nominating them.

Happy blogging everyone!